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Bulldog Pay Per Click (PPC)
Search Engine Marketing and Google Adwords

Google Adwords is often referred to as Pay Per Click or PPC. This medium gives your small business an excellent opportunity to increase the bottom line by reaching potential customers at the exact time they are shopping for your goods or services. At Bulldog, our qualified Adword specialists will set up your marketing campaign to maximize your investment. Contact us today to set up your PPC campaigns with Yahoo! Search marketing, Google Adwords Bing Ads, and other search engines that will attract the qualified leads you're looking to capture.

Monthly management of your pay per click campaigns is designed to optimize your keywords, bids, targeting, ad copy, costs and conversions. Due to the effects of competition, seasonality, and changes occurring within search engines and Internet marketing, the ongoing testing and tweaking of your campaigns by professional ( and affordable ) PPC Experts can be the difference between success and failure. Monitoring, analysis, and adjustments made to the pay per click campaigns on a frequent and regular basis include:

  • Keyword additions and deletions
  • Negative keyword additions
  • Ad copy testing against control ads
  • Bid management to maintain 1st page ad positions
  • Campaign data analysis and adjustments
  • Google Analytics analysis and adjustments
  • Conversion reporting analysis and adjustments
  • Ad hoc reporting and special reporting
  • Regularly scheduled reports

Setting up and managing Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketingand Bing Ads is often complex and time consuming. Done correctly it can make the difference between success and failure. Done wrong and pay per click will eat your advertising budget alive.

Our unique approach generates “efficient traffic” for “effective results”, our clients are able to maximize the ROI of their online advertising, while saving time and money.

Unlike other so-called "PPC experts", we won’t delegate your account to junior staff, SEO specialists or unqualified administrators. Low cost foreign workers with marginal English skills or web programmers with questionable writing credentials.They may know the technical stuff, but they usually lack the grammar and creativity required to develop those little text ads that attract highly qualified prospects and avoid tire-kickers.

As trained and certified Google AdWords PPC experts with over 20 years of advertising industry experience and several years dedicated to providing PPC help for small to mid-sized companies, we understand statistics, effective copy-writing, customer targeting, and relevant keyword selection.

Our pay per click experts provide unique, money-saving, custom PPC programs that include:

  • Pay per click campaign development for 1 to 3 of the top search engines
  • Frequent campaign updates & modification
  • Professional PPC management & unique optimization techniques
  • Keyword selection, additions, and deletions
  • Keyword bid management
  • Targeted & relevant text ads
  • Split-testing of landing pages & ads
  • Data collection, analysis, & action
  • Regular reporting & email updates
  • And more...

In addition to our pay per click marketing campaigns we will also help you with developing an organic SEO Search Engine Marketing program. Complete your package with our Bulldog web design and you will be moving up the rankings sooner rather than later. Target and maximize your return on Investment. Contact Bulldog today.