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Bulldog Content Management System

One of the first things customer's recognize when visiting a website is whether or not the information is current and relevant. From a Business standpoint, having outdated or irrelevant information can be very damaging and destroy the image/branding of any company. Not to mention increasing the bounce rate of that particular website. Incorporating Bulldog's content management system will ensure you'll have the most accurate and up to date information.

We customize a content management system for each of our clients. Every client has their own individual and unique needs. We don't offer a one size fits all solution. We tailor your Bulldog Content Management system specifically to you. Our management systems include a variety of features
  • Create and upload pictures from your personalized photo gallery
  • Remove or Add a page/pages.
  • Update pages on your site.
  • Update Blogs and social media links
  • Preview any changes made before your site goes live
  • Insert images
  • And much more

Bulldogs content management system is browser based. You wont have to install or purchase any software. Our system is completely secure and you dont have to worry about any malicious attacks from hackers. For more information regarding our content management system or any of our web development, internet marketing, or other services, contact us today. 8478154100