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Bulldog Small business Email Marketing

Many years ago, I was told or once read, that once a business loses a customer it may take up to 7 years to win that customer back. I'm not sure who came up with that statistic or saying, however it's always stayed with me. Business is and has always been about building strong lasting relationships. So what are your business goals doing to define your strength in relationship building with your current client? Bulldog email marketing can help assist you with keeping that connection and build upon the strength you have. Email marketing is cost effective and offers your business an excellent medium to improve upon retention and loyalty.

Our creative and targeted email marketing campaigns help us develop the right campaign for our clients. We know what works and what message strategies can create the biggest impact for your business.

Contact Bulldog Email Marketing if you want to:

  • Send highly impactful messages
  • Grow your email list
  • Need help setting up a campaign
  • Don’t have the time or experience
  • Need tracking analytics
  • Have a need for Text marketing- (restaurants)

Bulldog also provides pay per click marketing, SEO Search Engine optimization marketing, Web site design, Social media Marketing and web development.